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Jade Egg Hints and Tips

Gemstones hold a unique energy and will rock your world with love, health and vitality. They come from our beautiful sacred Mother Earth - Shakti. Authentic Gemstones radiate harmonious frequencies when handled or worn and are a valuable gift to aid transformation and spiritual growth.

We sell three types of jade. Our popular sellers are xiuyan jade which are a light green colour, more affordable, tough and hardwearing also known as water jade in China.
Many western gemologists don’t recognise xiuyan as real jade which offends the Chinese as they have been crafting xiuyan for centuries.

Jadeite is rarer and higher in commercial value. It’s incredible hardness allows it to take on a mirror like polish that lasts indefinately. The nephrite jade and xiuyan jade have noble characterists also and are a more affordable option. It is universally thought that jadeite is the more valued of the jade stones. All our eggs are sourced in Canada and Guatemala.

Do's and Don'ts


Use your egg each day around your cycle of course
Experiment with sex using the egg if you so wish
Tell your girl friends but only if you sense they are open to it or curious
Wash your eggs using warm water and vinegar solution or tea tree before each use
Use your leather pouch with our eggs - tie to the string and add weights- also known as vaginal weightlifting
Try barefoot running or walking using the egg, it’s great for encouraging core engagement
Try a mooncup when it is your time of the month – it’s eco friendly and much cheaper in the long run
Enjoy your path, it’s a wonderful experience Be patient and allow time for results to be felt
Be lady like when discussing eggs with friends because everybody’s experience with them is different


Leave your eggs in the reach of young children they could be a choking hazard
Forget you have your egg in when you go for a number two!
Use the egg if you have a bladder infection or any kind of yeast infection. Sometimes if our pelvic hammock is weak the egg can push against the urinary tract and prevent a full bladder from emptying and lead to infection. It is wise to remove the egg if you have a full bladder so that it can fully empty.

Don’t try and lift 14kg on day 1 if you are attempting vaginal weightlifting, start with small pebbles in the pouch
Drop quartz or rose quartz eggs onto a hard floor they are likely to crack
Don't use them during menstruation
Don't show off saying you have the tightest vagina in the world on day one of getting the eggs, it’s not lady like

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